fr Good
you have the power to change
the way an entire community donates

Think of DIVI UP first when you want to increase your mobile marketing presence. You create a promotion that works for your business, and we take care of the rest. The cost is a few minutes of your time, the reward is boosting your sales with new charitably-minded consumers and helping generate revenue and awareness for a cause you care about.

It's On Your Terms
run whatever promotions you want, whenever you want

It's Fast
create your DIVI Deal and it will be live in minutes

It's Your Revenue
customers unlock your deal, then come directly to you to pay

It's Good
select a charity and DIVI will make a donation every time your deal is unlocked

It's Free
seriously, no charge ever to the business
The DIVI UP app encourages consumers to get out in our community to shop locally. You list a promotion and app users pay to unlock it, then 50% of each unlocking fee is donated to charity. When you become a DIVI Business, you choose which cause your DIVI Deals will support. Imagine the impact you can make with each new customer you gain through DIVI UP.